Yi Zhou

Yi Zhou biography

Yi Zhou is a young Chinese artist, who has lived in Rome from the age of ten and studied between London and Paris with a degree in Political Science and Economics. Living between Paris and Shanghai, she creates large multimedia installation artworks that blend film, digital animation, photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, and contemporary music composition.

Her works explore the realm of hyper-realism and neo•realism: on one hand, she derives visual and tangible forms from the imagination and dreams, while on the other hand, she gives a surreal aspect to nature itself.

Many of her video works have been consecutively selected by Venice Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival.

She just completed a 15 mn’ pieces she has written and directed for United Nations starring Jackie Chan and Clotilde Courau called Clair de Lune. She also directed and will appear in the next Persol Campaign.

Yi Zhou is a modern-day chinese Hitchcock and Cindy Sherman; she is from the twitter/instagram and tumblr generation, an image maker and muse, switching front and back of the camera.